Education – Fátima Fernández

Biography – Fátima Fernández


Began her studies of Belly Dance in Lyon – France in 2002, with the Maestra Maryon & Djemila Henni Chebra.

Traveled to Egypt in order to improve her experience and skills between the years 2010 – 2011.

In The following year Fatima has acquired also the Lebanese Belly dance style in Beirut.

Biography – Fátima Fernández

Belly Dancer

Fatima began her professional carrier as Belly dancer in Seville Spain in the year 2005, preforming at “La tetería Dar el Mehdi” & “café de Bagdad” for 3 years, as well in various mediterranean clubs & restaurants around the City of Seville.

In the year 2012 co-founded the “The Association of Andalusian art” together with the dancer Rocio Mora with intension to develop Projects whom related the world of dance.

Fatima, been invited as a special guest to perform in the most important belly dance festival around the globe:
Nile Groups Festival- Egypt
Ahalan Wa Shalan- Egypt
Maktub –Dominican Republic, alongside Sadie and Lorelei Acosta.

Today Fatima give classes and workshops around Europe on the following academies:
Seville : Cuesta Del Rosario, Galisport Porvenir, Bailarte academy as well on her own organization.
Berlin: Elmas Nahema & in La Chata Flamenco academy
Lisbon: Moscavide, Aletico Clube, Escuela Peantepe (of Fatima Misericordia)& Dancettitude.
Saga (Japan): Iberia